WhatCulture Wrestling Magazine Issue 3

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WhatCulture's third edition of its wrestling bookazine, with 120 pages of the finest, timeless wrestling content.

Beautifully printed on high-quality, matte finished paper,

WhatCulture Wrestling is a must-have collectors' item for all fans of the business, young and old.

- Our main feature this time is the Top 100 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time, and includes the biggest and most democratic poll ever done on the world of Professional Wrestling. Over 30,000 votes have been cast by fans, writers, wrestlers and industry insiders.

- Guest Columns from wrestling legend Jim Cornette, former WWE, WCW and ECW star Shane Douglas, WrestleCrap’s RD Reynolds, former WWE trainer and thirty-year pro Tom Prichard, and WhatCulture’s own Jack the Jobber and Ross Tweddell.

- Adam Blampied's How WWE Should Have Booked the anonymous Raw General Manager story

- Benjamin Richards provides a no-holds-barred look at the role of blading in modern wrestling.

- Features on Shawn Michaels, Stephanie McMahon, Steve Blackman, Los Gringos Locos, El Hijo Del Santo and Octagon.

Exclusive interviews with SoCal Val and Bret 'The Hitman' Hart

An in-depth look at the upcoming Chris Benoit biopic, Crossface

Video game flashback looks at WWE All-Stars on the PS1

Fantasy booking the 1992 King of the Ring

...and much more!